The rituals, presented as microfictions, transcend the individuality of the viewer by turning them into the receptor of a collective consciousness rooted in folklore. These rituals act as social laboratories in liminal spaces, where participants explore new ways of expression and social structure through religious practices.


The installation "Wade in the Water" is configured as a synthesis of elements: The videocreation "Dancing is a Call to the Gods" and the eight analog photographs intervened with illustration. The video, documents a Voodoo ceremony at the Healing Arts Center in New Orleans, depicting the ritual blessing of a fountain sculpted by artist Ricardo Pustanio, establishing a symbolic connection with water, evoking the Jordan River and the biblical tradition of crossing water towards freedom, it becomes a transcendental symbol of hope and liberation, reflecting on its indelible imprint on the city of New Orleans, marked by tragedies and hurricanes. The amalgamation of mythological and symbolic elements of Voodoo and european witchcraft combined with the use of generative software in the analog photographs,expand the narrative of the work, inviting this way to reflect on human nature and its relationship with the unknown.


Sponsored by Diputación de Bizkaia, Production Scholarship in Visual Arts.