"Rx City" emerges as a reflection based on the rhetoric of Joseph Beuys, who advocated for nature as a regenerative force. It raises the question to the paradigm of conventional medicine and the issues of gentrification during and after the 2020 global pandemic, addressing the city as a biological organism in itself.


The metropolis is presented as an entity in constant transformation, perpetually in a state of emergency. Conceived as a living being, undergoes a life cycle through its buildings, understood as organs formed by human cells. This perspective reveals a continuous process of aging, death, rebirth, reproduction, and expansion.


To embody this conceptualization, "Rx City" uses digital photography, capturing the essence of the city through X-rays that are animated with artificial intelligence. Highlighting the interconnection between the city and its inhabitants, the project seeks not only to challenge conventional notions regarding healthcare but also to invite reflection on the balance between urban environment and human life.